As Delia Ephron Sees It

Fresh Air, December 9, 2013, Terry Gross interviews Delia Ephron

On how her sister’s death changed her view on getting older

I do feel that I have to do everything quickly. I hate to waste a day. … What I feel now, and I feel much more strongly, certainly, since Nora’s death, is that all we really have is process. How did the work go today? How did the writing go? How did the lunch go with your best friend that you usually love to spend hours talking to? Did you wring every ounce of fun and intimacy out of it? … When you walked down the street did you notice things? Did you have a good time? Was it crisp out? Was it hot out? What I think happened to me is that I got very focused on the day and making the day matter.

In other words, make a real experience of everything you do. At the end of the day that’s all we have.

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