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What do school kids want for lunch?
Killer Poem
Change Happens
Immerse Yourself
Experiencing Science
Amy Tan: “It’s My Life”
As Delia Ephron Sees It
When Numbers Don’t Add Up
Anatomy Amphitheatre
Beer & Hymns
Felix Dennis, Saint?
Review of Adam Phillips, Missing Out
Our Bodies Know What We’re Doing
A Happiness Economy?
All in Free
Be Myself? Which One?
Evidence-Based v. Magical Thinking
What Aeschylus Did
Let’s Hear it for Endorphins
The God Experience
Catch This Writer’s Almanac
Zadie Smith on George Eliot
Robot Apprentices?
In Memoriam Roger Ebert
Our Earliest Experience
Kahneman on the Remembering Self
Review of “Benjamin Franklin” by Walter Isaacson
On Nancy’s Bookshelf
Founders Couldn’t Afford Prayer
The Hunter
Abigail Adams
Stoic v Epicurean
Why We Tell Stories
Music Ecstasy
Interview Bias
Wise Bit
American Experience/British Snobbery
Apples Once Again
Buy the Book
Southern California High Desert in the 1950s
Ben Franklin’s Lightning Rod
Unseeable Worlds
Book Talk
Smarter With Practice?
from Epicurus
New Opportunities for U.S. Manufacturers
Our Bodies, Our Buildings
Experiencing Self/Remembering Self
Drug Policy in Portugal
What’s an Experience Worth?
In My Experience . . .
from Annie Proulx
The Word from Leonardo
Sir Isaac Newton and Gravity (1686)
William Ames
A Link to Helium.Com
Aristotle on Experience
Problem Solving